Photo Packages 2024

At Phenomena Photography & Cinematic, we understand that every wedding is unique, reflecting the distinctive love story it celebrates. To cater to the diverse needs and sizes of these special occasions, we’ve thoughtfully divided our wedding packages into three categories: Champagne, Wine, and Whiskey are meticulously crafted to ensure we capture the essence of your special day perfectly.


Price $2500 AUD

Our Champagne Package is ideal for the weddings where getting ready, the ceremony, and celebration all happen at the same venue.

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Price $3500 AUD

Our Wine Package is ideal for weddings needing around 10 hours full-day coverage. It’s designed to capture the complete story of your day, from the intimate moments of preparation to the joyous celebrations at the reception.

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Price $4500 AUD

Two photographers from the cherished cultural preparations in the morning to the conclusion of your night, we ensure every detail of your special day is beautifully captured. 

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Photo + Video Combine Packages 2024


Price $4800 AUD

Designed for a cozy gathering wedding about 6 hours coverage in a wedding venue

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Price $6500 AUD

Our Wine Package is ideal for the weddings of about 10 Hours PHOTO & VIDEO coverage.

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Price $8500 AUD

For those celebrating their love in grand style, with two photographers up to 16 hours total coverage, From traditional culture getting ready in the morning until to the end of your night. 

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“The package descriptions below are based on our experience and feedback from the previous of our clients.  To better understand your own vision and create a package tailored exclusively to your needs, we would be delighted to arrange a meeting with you.”

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